Demo Boards

Make an appointment to drop by the shop and rent a demo surfboard. The first 48 hours is on us and any day after is $25/per day. Rental fee gets applied to any board purchased in the 30 days following the rental.


Vegan Fish

That Hitter

Deviled Egg

Dad Bod

The Ronson & Ronson "R&R"




Phantom XL



Dark Horse

Dark Twinn

Sharp eye

Inferno 72

How do Dark Arts demos work?

  • Start by filling out the form below identifying which board you are interested in, dates of availability, and contact information.
  • Someone from our team will reach out and schedule a local pickup time.
  • Go to the demo shop to pick your board.
  • Make sure to bring an ID and credit card (it is free the 48 hours and $25/per day after).
  • If you are under 18, you will need a guardian’s signature.
  • Pick the board you want to ride. Fill out the necessary form.
  • Take it home and rip! You choose the waves/tide/swell window.
  • Try as many boards you want (one at a time) to find the perfect board for you!
  • Your rental payment will be applied to your next board purchase within 30 days of rental.
Schedule your demo