What We're Made Of

Adding carbon fiber cloth to a performance surfboard design, truly unites speed and agility with improved durability

More than just creating avant-garde designs, we prioritize our local surf community by refusing to compromise our values. Small-batch production, sustainable practices, and American craftsmanship set us apart to create the most resilient, durable, and adaptable surfboards on the market, all while staying close to home.

Meticulously crafted by surfers who understand what makes a board excel in the water, we have partnered alongside legendary shapers with decades of experience to bring you the pinnacle of modern-day surfboard performance. The Future is Dark, and we're thankful you're here for the ride.

Traditional Carbon Construction

The classic Dark Arts technology. A pure carbon layup focused on providing the highest level of performance through an ultra-responsive and durable construction. This design perpetuates that first-surf feel for years due to a full coverage resilient 3k carbon fiber layer. An additional 4oz fiberglass cloth sits beneath the carbon layer on the top side of the deck for added strength against pressure dents. 

Taking Felipe Toledo to the World Surf League CT podium at Trestles and Kanoa Igarashi to a first-place win in the ISA World Surfing Games at Huntington Beach, this design has been proven to handle some of the most progressive airs and most dynamic turns seen in competition surfing. The EPS stringerless core keeps the ride fiercely responsive and retains a consistent feel with fast reactions and an affinity for soaring above the lip.  

Carbon Kevlar on PU Blank with EPS Stringer

At the forefront of layup technologies, the 3K Hybrid Carbon Kevlar weave blends the performance of Carbon with the chop-dampening attributes of Kevlar to allow for a refined yet trustworthy feel, excelling in a multitude of conditions even when the winds change. An additional 3’’ Carbon tape spans the deck of the board from nose to tail and establishes a consistent, sensitive flex pattern. Supplementary plain weave carbon nose and tail patches also give an additional layer of protection across common ding areas.

 This construction harnesses the familiar feeling of polyurethane paired with a high-performance Carbon-Kevlar layup to produce an adaptable yet sensitive board. Utilizing the highest quality in foam, the US Blanks - C3 Poly core, a traditionally weighted board, retains slightly less buoyancy than our standard EPS cores. This denser PU blank directly translates to more control in larger conditions and a more forgiving flex pattern.

 Incorporation of a 3’’ EPS stringer that runs through the PU core ensures lasting pop and increases drive through turns.

 Essentially, the Carbon Kevlar layup combined with a PU blank melds the tried-and-true aspects of a standard PU board, the lasting durability of Carbon, and the impact-reducing nature of Kevlar to produce a reliable board that can tackle heavier waves and lack-luster conditions.

Carbon Kevlar on EPS Blank

Providing versatility across a wide range of conditions, the 3K Hybrid Carbon Kevlar layup diminishes the refractions of energy felt through surfing in onshore and choppy conditions. A plain weave hybrid 3k fabric, the Carbon Kevlar cloth covers the board's top side to minimize vibrations. Providing additional protection through carbon nose and tail patches, the 3" carbon tape on the deck gives a liveliness to the hybrid weave establishing an overall electric feel in the water.

Coupled with our signature plain weave bottom, this layup, combined with an EPS stringerless blank, allows for sensitive rail-to-rail transitions in the water, a lighter swing weight, and quicker turn response while still performing in less than ideal waves.