Stab in the Dark Winner 2021

Marcio Zouvi
Sharp Eye Surfboards

Revolutionary Craftsmanship

Carbon Glass

Made in San Diego, California


Dark Arts collaborates with notable surfboard shapers from around the world. Set on continuing to revolutionize how surfboards are crafted, our offerings are among the lightest and strongest models available, and excel in speed and durability.


Carbon Fiber is fast reacting and creates spring, unlike traditional fiber-glass cloth. The result of this natural rebound is speed.

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Hand crafted, vacuum bagged, carbon fiber cloth, over 2lb EPS stringer-less foam, for optimum flex, weight and durability. Dark Arts continues to redefine the limits for how surfboards are shaped and constructed.

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We aim to make a surfboard that feels good under your arm.  Our process has created a product that sits in the lighter category of most constructions available on the market.

We’re not just focused on writing a new chapter - this is an entirely different book.

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