A One Board Quiver - Justin Heit


Justin Heit knows every wave in North County, the twenty-mile stretch of endless breaks stretching from Solana Beach to Oceanside.

"I've been here for forty years, surfed every spot on this coast."

Justin Heit

Justin's brother, Jeremy, is the one who led him to grab a Dark Arts JT R&R.

"I'm a surfboard junkie. I'm always trying out new boards, and I love experimenting with the latest technology. The problem with the board industry is everyone's doing the same thing. There isn't a lot of new tech out there. Dark Arts is paving the way though. The way they're making boards is fresh, and the final product is incredible. It's the lightest, strongest, fastest board I've ever ridden."

Like most young Southern California boys growing up on surf, hopes of riding waves for a living occupied Justin's most ambitious intentions.

"I dreamed of becoming a pro surfer like every other kid along the coast. I competed almost every weekend, but the writing was on the wall early on. My trophies were just a little too small."

Familiar to the inner-world of numerous excellent surfers, Justin possessed a strong creative streak that would eventually lead him to establish Libre Design and RAEN. Libre is a branding agency that has collaborated with world-class organizations, one of which happens to be the WSL. 

"I was fortunate enough to make it into the surf world via the design route. I've been able to meet and work with so many cool people in the industry because of that."

RAEN is an independent eye-ware company, catching steam through trendy designs at affordable prices. Justin co-founded RAEN with his brother, Jeremy, a former pro surfer.

Justin finds his calm and sense from the ocean, surfing, happy at quiet, uncrowded spots.

Justin's current board: The JT Ronson and Ronson (R&R)


"My Dark Arts board is perfect for any day on the coast. It gets me in and out of everything. I don't have to worry if the waves aren't quite right. You have way less work to do on the water. The speed and carving is effortless. It's totally a one board quiver." 

Though he admits he's a bit of a board hoarder, there may be some space clearing up in his garage. Unless, of course, Dark Arts has made that obsession a little trickier.




Surfer Level: Advanced

Height: 6ft

Weight: 180lbs

Current Board: JT Ronson and Ronson 

Next Board: Smth Embryo


 “It's the lightest, strongest, fastest board I've ever ridden." - Justin Heit

Justin Heit

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