WSL Talks Equipment: The Future is Carbon.

Getting Heated is the WSL's new debate show featuring legends Mick Fanning and Ross Williams. Here they battle over surfing's latest topics and trends. A recent discussion of theirs spotlights the writing on the wall, the bold print we've seen since our inception.

Will typical boards being used now become obsolete? 

The familiar words when talking surfboard performance get tossed around between the two like wax before the dawn: speed, durability, and lightweight. 

Without giving too much away, Mick, a little more apprehensive of breaking the mold, concedes that surfers won't be convinced of new tech unless: 

"Until something comes along and one of the top surfers just blows everyone out of the water with this new equipment, they're not going to change." 

Then comes our favorite part, from Ross Williams, maybe the sentence that settles it:

"The best I've ever seen John (John John Florence) surf in small waves is the last few months on these Dark Arts Surfboards. They're carbon wrapped. They're super high-tech, and I've never seen him go faster." 


Check out more of their exchange in the YouTube link below: