Daniel Thomson, "Tomo" is a surfer, shaper and designer. He was born and raised in Lennox Head, Australia from where he states, "I'm pretty much a product of the waves and the environment I grew up in."

Tomo is inspired to lead the next generation of performance surfboards by creating new design trends and elevating the surfing experience. With a dedicated formula cultivated with a passionate vision, scientific analysis and vigorous testing process, Tomo Surfboards are truly state of the art. The innovation of Tomo surfboards stems from adapting the philosophy of ‘constant evolution with an ongoing evaluation of functionality’. Tomo is driven by the simple reality that we always continue the search for the perfect performance surfboard.

Tomo surfboards has always looked to incorporate the latest performance materials and epoxy technology to achieve the most intuitive performance rides on the market, and the collaboration with Dark Arts will continue to do just that. GO FASTER! Utilizing the latest fluid dynamic analysis (CFD) to put theory into practice and challenge the laws of physics, Tomo surfboards in Dark Arts Carbon Technology will open new doors to your surfing.

Preserve The Past, Define The Future: Tomo notes that in having reverence for the original process of board design and all the greats shapers of the past, that this will continue to give us a strong foundation for understanding the future.