Surfboards by SHARP EYE

Marcio Zouvi began his shaping career in Rio de Janeiro as a young kid with an appetite for curiosity and an aptitude for reinvention. The first board he shaped, in the ’70s, while still a young boy, was an unkempt long-board that he stripped to the foam and re-glassed into a 4’5 experimental prophecy. It wasn’t long before his father noticed his persistence for finishing a job and his creativity in turning a dumpster piece into a new ride. He encouraged Marcio by buying him tools and supplies to continue exploring and practicing his newfound passion. 

Marcio moved to San Diego in the ’80s to pursue a college degree. During this time, to pay the bills, he ventured into all aspects of board building and repair. The prominent shapers of the late ’80s like Rusty, Linden, and Al Merrick inspired his thoughts on the progression of high-performance surfboards. Sharp Eye Surfboards was founded in 1992. After more than twenty-five years in the Surfboard industry, Sharp Eye is one of the most globally recognized brands for performance-oriented surfboards.

 In 2015, aerial master Filipe Toledo signed with Sharp Eye, looking for a board that could offer the maneuverability his surfing demands while providing the stability it requires. Hardly requiring a closer view, the pairing is indisputable. Marcio, a long-time fore-runner for shaping the most performance-minded boards in the sport, and Filipe arguably the best aerialist and small wave surfer in the world. 

As large as Marcio’s passion is for the progression and future of pro-surfing, his ambition settles on a brand that provides custom and catered performance to every skill level. He is adamant about perfecting design and believes that a surfboard’s construction is only as worthy as its original intent. It is with this sentiment that Sharp Eye and Dark Arts formed a valuable partnership in 2020. A collaboration where innovative shaping meets revolutionary construction purposed to push the limits on wave-riding using the lightest, fastest, strongest surfboard possible. 

“It is great to see an American based company on the leading edge of technology and surfboard construction. I am always looking to see how I can improve performance and durability on construction methods. Dark Arts construction hits the target 100%.” - Marcio Zouvi.