In junior high school, Rusty Preisendorfer discovered his love for building after buying a $10 longboard at a garage sale to practice fixing dings. Rusty hadn’t even started surfing. Tens of thousands of boards later, his love for creation continues and has grown into one of the largest surfboard and apparel manufacturers.

Rusty started shaping during a groundbreaking era with influences from Dick Brewer, Mike Hynson and Skip Frye. Rusty first shaped for G&S (Gordon and Smith) surfboards in the early 70s, while starting his own brands as his reputation spread, Starlight and Music! surfboards. Later in the 70s, Rusty joined Canyon surfboards, supporting a team roster including Shaun Tomson, Peter Townend, Ian Cairns, Dave Parmenter and Mark Occhilupo. In 1985, Rusty left Canyon to start Rusty Surfboards. Now shaping for over 50 years, Rusty continues to take great pride in the quality and design of every board he makes.

Since 2020, Rusty has also been manufacturing wakesurf boards with the help of his son and shaper, Clint Preisendorfer. Wakesurf team riders include Austin Keen and Chad Carlson. 

The first Rusty models to feature Dark Arts construction are the “SD” performance shortboard, “Snaggle Tooth 2.0” and “The Pint” wakesurf boards.