Matt Parker of Album Surfboards began shaping while pursuing an art degree at Chapman University in Southern California. What started as a necessity, a means to catch waves, evolved into a career characterizing him as one of the most original craftsmen the industry has ever seen. Album Surfboards, since 2001, are special in a way that invokes the idea that all shapers should be artists. The notion that anything is possible for creating surfboards has propelled Matt above uniformity and his board collection as perhaps the most alluring on the planet. 

 Best described as alternative performance, his boards wouldn't usually sit on a typical rack at a local surf shop. And for all their captured eyes, just as many surfers keep raving at how they handle on a wave. "A big part of our focus these days is asymmetrical boards that look distinct and can surf at the highest level of performance." - Matt Parker

 The benefits of an asymmetrical ride are such that the board responds to the mechanics of one's feet, creating an easy, resting, sweet spot for the back foot to pivot and turn. When the waves aren't firing, the board gives a little more speed on its own. On better days, its robust capabilities deliver the stability that is needed. 

 Josh Kerr, one of the most distinct surfers in the world, has been surfing Album Surfboards for about four years. His desire for a board that would be able to work in all conditions brought about the Insanity model, which has just about everything in it every surfer would want. Kerr's surfing creativity synced perfectly with the ever-exploring Parker, whose mission has been to rebel against rudimentary design while settling for nothing less than a perfect ride. 

 Consequently, Album Surfboard's collaboration with Dark Arts Surf in 2020 is an extension of such thinking. The desire to create and produce surfboards that are fresh, authentic, and move as exquisitely as they look, has been the starting point for what promises to be a long wave of opportunity. "There isn't a brand that comes close to the level of work produced by Dark Arts Surf. The time and focus they've spent purely on carbon-wrapped boards is unmatched. When you put in the hours and energy, you become the best. Our partnership is a perfect marrying of alternative shapes and innovative technology and construction." - Matt Parker