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Tony Curto on JT's That Hitter

Tony Curto plays a pivotal role in Dark Arts Surf. He is the factory manager and brings with him a wealth of board-building and production experience. His love for chasing sets is what ultimately led him to his current vocation, what he believes to be, building the best surfboards in the world. 

"Our boards surf similar to epoxy boards, except there is way more going on. The flex pattern in the carbon makes it easier to wind up on a wave then shoot through sections you'd normally miss. Our vacuum bagging technique takes out all the unnecessary resin you'd have on regular constructed boards. As a result, our boards are lighter, faster, and give more flex on a wave."

JT That Hitter

Tony's  JT Hitter (Bali color surface deck) 


Tony grew up in San Diego and has been around surfing his entire life. He began board building on the manufacturing line for Firewire, where he eventually played an essential role in custom production for team riders. 

"I've been building boards for about 15 years now. I first met Justin when he was at Firewire. We worked well together. When Justin left Firewire he began perfecting his vacuum bagging technique. We kept in touch while I was still at Firewire. I always hoped we'd work together again. I don't believe there's a better board on the market than what we're producing at Dark Arts." 

When his hands aren't stained in resin or inspecting the next masterpiece, Tony prioritizes time in the water. "Surfing is everything to me. I can't go very long without it." 

He's no slouch, either. Tony won the forty division of a stiffly contested local competition in San Diego a few years ago. In that same contest, He and his son won the family division too.


 Tony's son Julian Curto with the Pyzel Shadow.

Tony humbly admits:

"My son rips harder than me these days. The lifespan of an average board for my son had been about four to five months. Surfing was becoming a costly hobby. But for the last two years, he's been riding a Dark Arts board, and it's as solid as the day he got it." 

Curto_ Dark Arts Pyzel

Julian Curto 

Tony's vision for the future is crystal clear. 

"We've only just begun. Every day is so exciting at Dark Arts Surf. Reputable brands and pros are recognizing our boards by the minute. We're truly changing the game, the way we make surfboards, the way our boards perform, and last."



Surfer Level: Advanced

Height: 5’10

Weight: 165lbs

Current Board: JT That Hitter

Next Board: JT Custom


“We're truly changing the game, the way we make surfboards, the way our boards perform, and last.” - Tony Curto

Tony Curto by TSHERMS

Photo: Steve Sherman

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