A Newfound Superpower - Jeremy Heit

Jeremy Heit x JT Vegan Fish

It was only a matter of time before Jeremy Heit's serendipitous meeting with the Dark Arts JT Vegan Fish. If there’s any surfer on the Southern California coast that knows how to handle speed, it’s Jeremy. 

Out of high school, he began his career as a professional surfer. Sponsors immediately recognized his ability, and soon afterward, he was doing two-page action and lifestyle spreads in prominent surf magazines.

His love for experiencing different cultures and the thrill of surfing new breaks grew as he scaled the globe for fifteen years. 

Jeremy always knew, post-surfing, that he'd collaborate with his brother, Justin, to form a brand. RAEN birthed from his involvement in the action lifestyle industry as a pro surfer, and Justin's creative vision for on-trend, fresh products. RAEN is a leading independent eye-ware company that Jeremy directs. 

Raen X Dark Arts
JT Vegan Fish x RAEN


He currently resides in Oceanside, the town of his birth, just north of San Diego. 

"These days, I don't get the chance to travel for surfing as much. I have a wife, two young boys, and a business, so I'm plenty busy. The way I get that variety now is by traveling through my boards." 

Besides the initial reference to lightness and increased float that even novice surfers can recognize, he believes there's something unusually spectacular about a Dark Arts surfboard. 

Dark Arts X Jeremy Heit x JT Vegan Fish

"When I stepped on my Dark Arts board for the first time, I was like 'what the heck is this thing?’ It has so much going on. Speed, drive. It's super responsive…all the good stuff." 

Jeremy's been riding multiple versions of twin fin setups for the last ten years because of the freedom it gives, like a skateboard with loose trucks. 

"I've never been a huge tech guy. I'm more of a feel guy. I've always expressed to my shapers what I'm looking to feel out of a board, and then they create their version of it. I communicated with Justin at Dark Arts a bit of what I was looking for, and he produced a board that exceeded my expectations.

Jeremy Heit x JT Vegan Fish

Jokingly, I almost don't want to tell people about this board. It's like having a superpower. If everyone has it, it's not really a superpower anymore. I'm riding waves way faster than other boards I've had. There's not a session that goes by that someone doesn't ask me what I'm riding. There's something really special going on with Justin's boards, and people are noticing. Plus, they are super badass looking. All black carbon. They definitely stand out." 

His vigilance over hiding his new-found "superpower" extended even in keeping it from his brother, Justin.

"One day, Justin came and asked me about my Dark Arts board. He wanted to borrow it. I told him, 'Absolutely not, get your own.' I knew I'd never see it again once he tried it."

 We get it, Jeremy. Though we can't be sure for how long, your secret is safe with us. Until then, continue with the shredding. 



Surfer Level: Pro

Height: 5’9

Weight: 180lbs

Current Board: JT Vegan Fish 

Next Board: Dad Bod



“There's something really special going on with Justin's boards, and people are noticing.” - Jeremy Heit

Jeremy Heit x Dark Arts x JT Vegan Fish


Photography: Monica Hoover

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