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Chris Cote

It’s easy to see how Chris Cote considers himself ‘having the coolest job ever.’ His miles under the hood of his twenty-something year career in action sports has given him every dreamed-about opportunity. He humbly concedes that his B grade pro surfing campaign early on had everything to do with it, putting his foot in the door for settling down on a passage of thrills. His contributions as editor of Trans World Surf and his creative hand in all kinds of WSL pots have given the surfing world reams of gratitude.

 Recently, at Camp Shred in Cardiff, somebody put a JT Dad Bod in his grip. 

 “I was familiar with Dark Arts Surf at that point, heard great things about them, but had never ridden one of their boards. As soon as I felt it, I was like, ‘I got to give this thing a go.’”

 He took it to the break he’s been surfing since he was twelve years old in Encinitas, Southern California.

“I stay away from the crowds. The wave I surf is junky, messy, but I love it.” 


Stone Steps - Encintas, CA


He put the Dad Bod in the water five days in a row like a kid with a new toy-train set, watching it circle, hypnotized, and awed. 


“I like to surf boards that move freely. At first, I thought the tail might be a bit too wide, but boy was I wrong. I could do whatever I wanted on it. It paddled fast, had a ton of pop, and was super responsive. My first day out, the waves were terrible. But I had such a fun session because of this board. The following four days got even more fun. I started landing some sweet airs and began harnessing its speed. 

 If I want anything in a board, I want a board that makes my session enjoyable and fun. The Dad Bod could make any day worth getting in the water.

 At the end of my five-day stint, I didn’t want to give that demo back. I’m going to add one to my quiver for sure.” 


Though surfing still remains an essential part of his life, Chris says he loves watching his eight- and eleven-year-old son do battle in the water. 

 “The ocean is never going to make it easy for you. It’s all about overcoming the hurdles, even just in a one-hour surf session. I love seeing this through my kids catching waves, figuring it out.” 


We think that's a fair trade, Chris. We’ll leave the contending and learning for the kids, and the fun for you, and the Dad Bod. 



Surfer Level: Advanced

Height: 5'7

Weight: 150lbs

Current Board: JT Dad Bod

Next Board: JT Coffin


“The Dad Bod could make any day worth getting in the water.” - Chris Cote


Chris Cote - JT Dad Bod


Photos: Monica Hoover 


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    The bike is a SUPER 73

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    What kind of bike is in the photo?

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