Our Ambitious Pursuit

Made In America


 The current age of cross-border manufacturing and outsourcing parts and materials from the lowest bidder has emphasized the importance of American made surfboards. It’s not that the U.S is the all-seeing eye, abled, and more proficient than our brothers and sisters in other countries. But rather, our entire board-making process begins and ends under the careful scrutiny of our team of craftsmen who are wholly devoted to perfection.

 Our manufacturing isn’t parceled out like a piecemeal or turning like a conveyer belt aimed at mass production with efficiency as its chief ambition. The hands that shape, coat, and glass belong to the minds who first envision our boards and whose continuing motivation is, “How can we make this ride even better?”

 We’ve taken the challenge upon ourselves to lose sight of the bottom line and corner-cutting to produce what we believe is the very best surfboard on the market. 

 Beyond our final product, a vital repercussion of such a calling is pioneering a current rarity in our country, supporting the rising generation by keeping jobs on our soil. Our nation is losing the quintessential skilled laborer to the short-sighted notion that we can save a few bucks by moving our businesses across the seas. Dark Arts Surf is in it for today, but we’re in it for tomorrow too. Our factory in San Diego, California, is a lab of learning for the next great shapers and tradespeople in our industry. We want to see hands-on skills flourish and passed on to our sons and daughters, contributing to solving the dilemma of American-made industries closing shop.

 Dark Arts Surf is made in America, but more importantly, made by us. We have every intention of keeping it that way.