Dark Arts Surfboard Reviews: Heres What they Said..

We recently asked Dark Arts customers to send in a testimonial and a photo of their Dark Arts surfboard.

Here we've selected a few to share and hope you enjoy! Thanks again to all the people that have sent in their surfboard reviews and testimonials. We are grateful for all the contributions and hope you keep them coming!


Surfboard Construction for a Competitive Edge

Testimonial:  Bill Macleod

Surfboard: Dark Arts x Sharp Eye x Inferno 72

"Being an older surfer is not often considered a good thing. As surfers age they typically graduate to larger and less maneuverable boards which never bodes well for how they perform in the line up. My first surfboard was purchased by my Dad for me in June of 1973! I purchase roughly three new boards a year meaning I have owned close to 150 new boards over the years so I have a lot of experience and perspective with many board designs."

"Unlike most 60+ surfers, I still love to surf competitively and am currently doing so in NSSA, WSA, South Bay Board Riders and West Coast Board Riders. I work closely with a coach (Jeremy Ryan, SPF Surf School) and am constantly working hard every day both in and out of the water in order to progress my game and surf better!"

 "The photo I selected to use represents a lifelong “bucket list” moment for me from November of last year (2021) when after decades of work, I won the NSSA National title at Huntington Pier. The photo shows my 5’10” Dark Arts Inferno 72, me and Jeremy right after earning a score of 17.40 in the final. I have owned my Dark Arts for six months now and have used it exclusively. It is the only board that I will ride and attribute the Dark Arts to allowing me to both progress and to achieve my competitive goals."

Bill MacLeod


Surfboard Technology Makes for a Light, Solid Surfboard

Testimonial: Neil Wrobleski


Dark Arts x JT x Dad Bod

Dark Arts x Album x Townsend

"Since 2004 or 2005, I've always been looking for alternatives to the old PU board building technology.  I've had some good boards along the way but nothing that feels like what you get in Dark Arts.  The boards are really light but are really solid.  Old technology feels sluggish after a little while but these boards keep that spring session after session.  I got two customs: 5'3" JT Dad Bod which I ordered through the Dark Arts website and 6'4" Album Townsend which I ordered through the Album site.  I think it's awesome Dark Arts works with different shapers and you can get "off menu" boards in this technology.  The guys are super helpful when you order and want to get you the right board to go with what you're looking for.  The pigments look great too.  I don't see myself getting boards from anywhere else and I'm sure the ones I have will be around for my grom to ride in the years to come."

Dark Arts x JT x Dad Bod // Dark Arts x Album x Townsend


A Performance Surfboard With Pop

Testimonial: Chris Stephan 
"My Aipa x Dark Arts board was a present for my 40th birthday.  I have a whole slew of boards, but I cannot stop riding my custom Aipa Sting in Dark Arts tech!  It is, by far, the most responsive, fastest, and versatile board I own.  I live in New Jersey and ride this board in everything from knee high to overhead and it performs every time without fail.  The carbon construction is strong and durable, and the buoyancy is on point!  It paddles like a dream and allows me to get into waves early, set my line and drive off the bottom.  The board has amazing pop!  I remember the first time I bottom-turned and came off the top on a sub-par waist high day...as I was turning off the top, I felt the board flex and spring me into the next section of the wave.  This board does not lag down when linking turns, but accelerates when transitioning from the bottom turn through the cut back and slings you back onto the wave face with an unbelievable amount of speed.  I cannot get enough of my Dark Arts board!  It definitely has helped my surfing 100%.  It's all about performance, speed, power, and flow!  I can't wait to order my next Dark Arts board!"  
"Thank you so much for making this dream sled! - An Extremely Satisfied Customer..."
Dark Arts x AIPA x Sting

Surfboard Science Creates Poetry

Testimonial:  JW

Surfboard: Dark Arts x Pyzel x Pyzalien 2

"Surf waves Resonate 

Where science rides on the sea

Magic craft Dark arts"

"Wanted something specific and special for my retirement gift… got it, on it, love it.  Mahalo Dark Arts for your patience and kokua dialing in the dims.  Aloha."

Dark Arts x Pyzel x Pyzalien 2


Top Shapers to Build Your Surfboard Quiver

Testimonial:  David Arteaga

Surfboard: Dark Arts x Sharp Eye x Inferno 72

"I'm totally blown away by the combination of this electric shape and the sparky and flexy feeling of the DA construction. Having tried almost all of the alternative constructions for HPSB out there, I must say that they are on top. I have the confidence to build an entire quiver based on their portfolio. It might have to be at a slower pace though."

David Arteaga


Thank you Dark Arts Customers! 

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