Forging an unconventional partnership: Dark Arts X San Diego Strike Force

Dark Arts is pleased to announce a partnership of historic proportions with the official IFL team, the San Diego Strike Force (SDSF). The Indoor Football League (IFL) retains a rich legacy as one of the longest-running professional football leagues in the United States, second only to the NFL. SDSF operates as a kingpin in the San Diego athletic sector. Offensive Assistant Coach Patrick Kelly is an avid surfer, often paddling out through the local lineups between his busy schedule, and thinks our boards to be some of the best in the game. Casual conversations with Coach Kelly at the shop prompted an unconventional idea, "Why don't we partner together?". We found the question entirely prudent and decided to make it happen. Ultimately, it just felt right. 


Underneath the wide-reaching urban horizon of our beautiful city, economic and social factors interlink our shared fiscal structure. Therefore, relationships are critical for establishing lasting resilience during fluctuating times. Local businesses and organizations in San Diego not only provide the unique sense of place that sets our coastline apart, but they do so much more. Some provide a place of gathering, a job, additional education, rehabilitation, environmental restoration, and human connection. These attributes are upheld by the San Diego Strike Force and implemented through their philanthropic foundation, Strike Force Cares. Dark Arts will be combining efforts with SDSF to raise money during their 2024 season for SDSF's Strike Force Cares, Surfrider Foundation, and Shelter to Solider


Levi Ternes & Friends


It all comes down to community involvement; Strike Force Cares has raised funds to combat local marine pollution on our shores with San Diego BIG (Beach Improvement Group), supported youth empowerment initiatives with the Boys & Girls Club of Greater San Diego, and contributed to organizations alleviating natural disaster impacts with organizations such as Fill the Needs. Additionally, Strike Force Cares has played a huge role in the sector of breast cancer awareness and continually fosters support for those impacted.



Surfrider Foundation


The Surfrider Foundation, is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches for all people. Their mission is plastic reduction, ocean protection, full and fair beach access, coast and climate support and clean water. 

“The ocean makes up most of our planet, and plays a crucial role in our health and survival,” said the Surfrider Foundation’s Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, Eddie Anaya. “Unfortunately, this precious resource has been abused by human impacts for far too long. And now, more than ever, the ocean needs more friends to help us urge decision-makers to enact meaningful ocean conservation policies.”


Shelter To Soldier

Dark Arts has previously raised funds for the life-changing charitable organization Shelter to Solider (STS), which takes a revolutionary approach towards saving lives, two lives at a time. Considering the shocking statistics of veteran suicide and shelter dog euthanasia, STS utilizes a holistic process by training dogs to become psychiatric service animals and then freely pairing them with veterans who are actively seeking companionship. 


Funds will be generated through online fundraisers to directly benefit each charity.  Each donation over $5 gives the donor an opportunity to win a Dark Arts Surfboard. Winners will be announced during the home games taking place in Pechanga Sports Arena during half time. A revolutionary board design, the TOMO Vader V2, will be raffled off on May 5th, during a Star Wars theme game night.  The May 26th Military Appreciation game surfboard fundraiser, benefitting Shelter to Soldier, will raffle a JT  custom surfboard in a camouflage color layup. The third board on the line will be a custom pink Pyzel shape in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Beyond surfboards, if you go to a home game, additional half-time events will provide chances to win a Dark Arts Merch, including a Dark Arts Yeti cooler, coffee mugs, hats, shirts, and more. 

 Justin Ternes & Davi Toledo

Discussing his sentiments on the recent collaboration, Justin noted, 

"Our new partnership is really fun because it's something that you wouldn't likely anticipate. Sports affiliate programs supporting the community have the ability to lift up organizations into the public eye. The Toledo family joined us at the first game, and they were super fired up in the front during the entire game. It's cool to be part of something that gives back to the community." 



Ultimately, this collaboration is far more than simply hosting fun events; it's about making positive change. By sharing opportunities with other community-engaging organizations, such as SDSF, we hope to make a significant social, environmental, and financial impact on the city we call home. Cleaner oceans, health awareness, and stronger communities are close to our hearts. We hope you can share this opportunity to come out and support these charitiesand have a great time enjoying some football.