First Team Rider- Johnny Noris

Photo: John King



Out of high school, San Diego native, Johnny Noris, went the path of a dreamer. Placing second to Rob Machado in a contest at Seaside Reef lit a fire within, prompting Johnny to see what dent he could make in competitive surfing. With the chops to back up his bold ambition, he competed on the QS for seven years, cracking the top two hundred in the world rankings as a best finish.

Across six continents and fifteen countries, Johnny says his stage on the professional surfing circuit helped him grow far beyond the illusory art of catching waves.


Photo: Brittany Noris


"I gained an incredible amount of global perspective through competing and traveling around the world. Interacting with folks from different countries helped develop my interpersonal skills and grew my appreciation for culture."

After a run that was equally as fun as successful, Johnny saw the writing on the wall. "Unless you're really in the upper echelon of pro surfers, it's very tough to progress to a point that you can actually provide for yourself and your family." 

Already having been immersed in real estate with both parents as licensed agents, Johnny's next ride was easy. He brought his competitive spirit and work ethic to his new endeavor and climbed the ranks as one of the most reputable real estate agents in San Diego. 



It's no coincidence, of course, that Johnny's current profession lends itself quite nicely to catching waves. "I love what I do. And I love that it allows me to still travel to all my favorite breaks and get in the water on a consistent basis here at home too." 


Still in fighting shape at 6'1, 190lbs, charisma for days, Johnny Noris remains a force and sight on just about any board. Putting him on the Dark Arts magic black as our first official team rider seemed like dropping in on all things right. 

Photo:  Brittany Noris


Johnny says the move to Dark Arts was a no-brainer. One that he sees as a way to stay on top of his game. "I'm only 31, but as I think about getting older and maximizing my time in the water, I want every advantage that I can get. When I jumped on my first Dark Arts board, I immediately felt like the carbon's memory tried to put me where I wanted to be. These boards spring you from one turn to the other so effortlessly. I've been riding other epoxy boards for a long time, and it's got nowhere near the liveliness that these Dark Arts boards have." 


Johnny's current go-to board is the JT Dad-Bod that he uses primarily at his home break, Windansea. "Windansea always has a little something out there. The Dad-Bod is the perfect quiver-killer type board for almost any type of wave. I'm also used to breaking a lot of boards every year, so it's kinda crazy just relying on the same board without having to worry about wave selection or breaking it."



When asked about his future in the sport, Johnny's says he's just happy with what he's got under his feet. "I'm excited to keep traveling to my favorite breaks with my Dark Arts boards. To see what each can do in different conditions and waves. Honestly, I'm just pretty stoked to be riding on the best boards in the world. Who knows, I may throw on the jersey again in the future now that I’ve got such magic boards under my feet!" 


Kyle Knox, JT, Johnny Noris