What’s a Dark Arts Surfboard Made of?

People trip out when they pick up a Dark Arts carbon board. Yes it’s light and no it’s not hollow, it’s EPS foam, we swear.  Simply, the tech itself is a culmination of our founder, Justin Ternes’ expertise, his 21 years of board building experience and the lightweight compound of carbon fiber. No special sauce, no secret ingredients, just a good old fashioned refined process, the priority of a high quality standard and continued R&D,  all sprinkled with some serious craftsman talent. 

Have you tried one yet? 

Adding carbon fiber cloth to a performance surfboard design, truly unites speed and agility with improved durability. Our surfboards represent American craftsmanship, sustainable values, visionary shaping, and surfing expertise to offer a high performance carbon surfboard. 


  • Hand crafted, vacuum bagged, carbon fiber cloth, over 2lb EPS stringerless foam, for optimum, flex, weight and durability.
  • Dark Arts Carbon is light, lively and generates speed quickly, with lots of pop and spring.
  • Will foot dent but will outlast traditional construction.
  • Dings can be fixed with epoxy resin and traditional fiberglass.
  • As with any black surfboard, take special care regarding sun and heat. Always keep board in a day bag and out of direct sunlight. 


Dark Arts references the art of surfboard building from shaping to glassing with black carbon fiber materialCollaborating with prominent shapers in the surf industry, we’ve set our sights on pioneering design strategies that form a revolutionary board.

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